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Travel Advisories

Travel Resources

Novel Vacations knows how important it is to have the latest resources available to you at home and while you’re traveling.
This is your central location for all travel resources, both locally and abroad.

COVID-19 Traveler Information

For the most recent COVID-19 government-issued travel information, look here.

International Travel

Every traveler is unique.  Know more before you go to International destinations.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

Free service allowing U.S. citizens & nationals traveling/living abroad to connect their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

U.S. Passports

For information regarding U.S. passport issuance or renewal, look here.

TSA PreCheck

Keep moving. TSA PreCheck saves you time and stress. With membership, you can speed through security and don’t need to remove your:
shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and light jackets.

CDC & Travelers' Health

For the most recent CDC recommendations for travel, check here.


Discover the steps to getting your REAL-ID-compliant form of ID required to fly within the U.S. Every flyer, aged 18 and older will need one by October 2021.

Currency Exchange

How far will your dollar go while you’re on vacation?  Find out here.

Global Current Weather

Discover the current & anticipated weather conditions of the area you’ll be visiting.