Did you know that airlines have humanitarian and missionary fares available exclusively through travel consultants? Or that group rates can be used for as few as 10 team members? It’s true! And even better, full payment isn’t due until you’re 60-75 days from the date of travel. That comes in handy when you’re utilizing fundraisers for your team and their families.

At Novel Vacations, we are well-versed in humanitarian travel for individuals and groups of all sizes, and we assist from planning to packing to doing the laundry when you return…well, maybe not that laundry thing, but almost everything else.

International travel demands a whole new level preparation in this pandemic era, and the details are constantly changing. Our goal is to assist you every step of the way from choosing an airline, researching visa or entry requirements, and streamlining the experience from take off to return. We provide that extra layer of protection for the investment of your time and your finances.

  • We advise you on which airlines and routes might best serve your needs.
  • We serve as a liaison between your group & the airlines.
  • We handle the details of traveler information & coordinate tickets and seating.
  • We can assist with communication to group members and their families.
  • We provide the group leader with a final travel packet that includes all the details in one handy location for easy reference while traveling.

Let us know how we can serve you!